The UNCTAD Global Services Forum is a bi-annual event that brings together high-level policy-makers, services regulators, heads of international organizations, CEOs and private sector representatives, coalitions/associations of services industries, renowned academics and other stakeholders to openly discuss strategies and approaches to strengthen the development impact of services.

The Latin American Network for Services Research (www.redlas.net) is a community of researchers and specialists actively involved in the study and formulation of public policies on services. Its members come from a broad academic field: business administration, economics, geography, political science and sociology. Most are based in universities and research institutes in the region, but some are employed in government, international organizations or the private sector.

REDLAS has organized six conferences in Brazil (2010), Chile (2012), Mexico (2014), Uruguay (2015), Brazil (2016) and Costa Rica (2017). REDLAS is a legally established association in Chile, receiving support from the European Association for Research on Services (RESER) (www.reser.net) and the Regional Programme for Social Policies in Latin America (SOPLA) of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.